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25 Sep | 12:49
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Important Announcement


Yesterday, my Mumma was taken into emergency surgery. Don’t worry, she’s doing fine. She’s in the surgical ICU now, with a breathing tube in, so she can’t talk to us yet. I know she hates it, though. My mother has a long and painful history of multiple hospital visits and similar sugeries. She means the world to me, so it’s hard to see her like this, but this surgery will help her in the long run. I want to have plenty of time to help her with recovery and to help my family while she’s on the mend. That’s why I am taking a break from my sideblogs for a while, just until everything’s settled and such. I feel bad for letting down my followers, but family comes first, so hopefully you will understand.

The queues for both kidhorrorfanblog and the campus roar will run out soon. There won’t be new posts besides this one. I might check my dash every once in a while, and I may also make update posts here on my personal blog. You can leave messages, but I won’t guarantee a response. I’ll make another announcement when I’m ready to return, and when that happens, I promise to make a lot of good posts for my blogs and make you all happy. :)

So anyway, see you soon!

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I wish pixar would release a full movie in layout form

24 Sep | 18:38
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What can I say, I’m a sucker for drums.

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"I’M SO NERVOUS!" - "Relax, it’ll be fine."
There you go, Randall fans!


"I’M SO NERVOUS!" - "Relax, it’ll be fine."

There you go, Randall fans!

24 Sep | 15:44
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